As experienced handymen, we offer various maintenance services from plumbing to painting, wood work to roof repairs and other basic household repairs.

Below are some of our most common inquiries: 


  • Electrical certificates of Compliance inspections for existing houses.
  • Cable Fault finding
  • House rewiring
  • Stove Connections
  • Geyser repairs
  • Globe and lamp replacements
  • UPS service and testing
  • Security systems
  • Installation of new lights, switches & plugs or replacement of broken lights, switches and plugs
  • Gate and Garage motor repairs
  • Load testing
  • DB board maintenance and upgrades
  • Air-con installations.


  • Water Leak detentions
  • Installation, repairs & replacement of sewer piping
  • Geyser repairs and replacement
  • Kitchen sanitary appliances installations
  • Bathroom sanitary appliances installations
  • Replace Taps and bathroom fitments.
  • Garden or outdoor tap installation
  • Geyser blanket fitment.
  • Plumbing certificate of Compliance for existing homes.
  • Heat pump and solar installations
  • Plumbing inspections and evaluations.